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Name:The Trickster
You don't have any idea what you're dealing with.

But believe me, it's gonna be hilarious.

What, you want more than that? All right.

The Trickster, first and foremost, is a a pretty powerful guy. Most of his skill lies in creating illusions (very impressive ones, if he does say so himself), bending reality, and otherwise giving the human world a swirlie while he sits back with some popcorn to enjoy the show. He targets the bullies, the braggarts, the folks who need teaching, and the ones who just need to be taken down a peg. If they die in the process, well. Guess they didn't learn fast enough.

(Don't worry, though -- in the bar, he'll stick to mostly harmless trickery that may humiliate, but won't hurt. He's got his reasons for keeping a bit of a low profile. But! If you would like him to pull a bigger and potentially more dangerous trick on your character, whether in the name of lesson-teaching or just for the hell of it, the mun would be glad to oblige! Just get some OOC communication started at this post right here.)

Being a creature who traffics in illusions, it's also no surprise that he isn't all that he seems. Look here for more info, but beware that the link contains major spoilers for episode 5x08, "Changing Channels."

Appearance-wise, while the Trickster can and does change forms, his primary one looks like his icons: youngish (or at least rather baby-faced), sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, a little under six feet tall, casually dressed, and with a near-perpetual smirk to top it all off.

He hails from the TV series Supernatural, which is the property of Eric Kripke and The CW. I am neither them nor Richard Speight, Jr., and this is all done for fun, not profit at [community profile] milliways_bar. (Prior to Milliways' move to DW, he could be found at [ profile] changeinasnap.)

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